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CLRCASE® LP Case (10-Pack)

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CLRCASE® LP Case (10-Pack)
CLRCASE® LP Case (10-Pack) CLRCASE® LP Case (10-Pack) CLRCASE® LP Case (10-Pack) CLRCASE® LP Case (10-Pack) CLRCASE® LP Case (10-Pack) CLRCASE® LP Case (10-Pack)

CLRCASE LP CASE (10-Case Bulk Pack)
First Pressing Limited to 2,500 Cases Worldwide

Premium Quality, High-End Display Case For Cherished Vinyl Records

  • Modern, Minimalist Design Aesthetic
  • Clear Casing: Museum Like Display 
  • Spindle Adaptor: Display the Record Jacket or Just the Vinyl
  • Stronger & More Durable than a Frame
  • Quick Release Tabs: Easy Access to Record
  • Simple Mounting Panel: Mounts on the wall in a few simple steps 
  • Gatefold & Tip-On Cover Friendly
  • Designed & Made in California

CLRCASE is the world's first premium quality display case designed for vinyl records. CLRCASE displays a record on the wall like a work of art, showing the record through through a clear protective lens cover. 

The spindle adaptor allows you to choose between displaying a record or record cover, while making it easy to swap between the two. 

The stationary backing panel is reinforced for maximum sturdiness, and includes vibration dampening bumpers for mounting in loud rooms. The backing panel is easy to install on a wall, either by screws (recommended) or by double sided mounting tape.

The quick release tabs on the clear cover make it easy to quickly access records on display.

Released: 04/11/2019

Patent Pending
(record not included)

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