Art of Records


We make vinyl record display cases. As record collectors, we make things fellow record collectors can love and appreciate. All of our cases are designed, manufactured and shipped from California. 



Inspired by the Craftsmanship of American Made Vinyl Records

My late Grampa Don pressed records with Columbia Records for most of his working life. He loved Jazz music and played the trumpet in his earlier years, serving in the US army marching band. My first exposure to records was through Grampa, I vividly remember him giving my mom stacks of records early in my childhood. My Grampa and I had a special bond, having spent many summers and weekends at his house in the Crenshaw area of Los Angeles.

He developed Alzheimer's in my teenage years when I really started getting into collecting records, and as his disease progressed our talks became less and less. Anyone who's had a family member with Alzheimer's knows how it goes. Art of Records and CLRCASE is in some way an homage to my Grampa, and a way to showcase the artistry and craftsmanship that goes into the making of vinyl records.

A little background info

Back in 2012 the display options for records were pretty much terrible at best. Just a few frames and some really flimsy & cheap stuff. As a record collector, it was pretty obvious there was nothing designed specifically for displaying records on the wall. Everything just seemed so contrived and cheap.

In 2012 I started sketching out an idea for a vinyl record display case. The case would be clear (frame-free), showing more of the record while keeping the record easily accessible. Shortly after the first CLRCASE prototype was born. 

Since then, we've evolved CLRCASE over several prototypes - adding features and improving the design and construction of it. It was a passion project spanning years, all self-funded out of the love of records. 

After reaching prototype #8 I started posting pictures of CLRCASE on IG, and people began asking about the cases. On a recommendation of a friend I decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign. 

The first couple of Kickstarter campaigns went terribly wrong - just by lack of exposure pretty much. Before the 3rd attempt I started reaching out to fellow collectors on IG and facebook, asking for their support in making CLRCASE a reality. I brought aboard Amanda Mayo from a fellow Kickstarter turntable company, to help with the CLRCASE Kickstarter campaign. Through our combined efforts and the support from all of the early believers, we were able to make CLRCASE a reality.

From the design through the crowdfunding, CLRCASE is truly a product of vinyl record lovers. No corporate boardroom BS, just something built from the love of records.If you're a record lover, this case is 100% designed for you. 

Adam Kawasawa
Art of Records


We wouldn't be here without you. In 2018 we launched a crowdfunding campaign for CLRCASE, and fellow record lovers pledged to help bring CLRCASE to life. 

This initial boost of pledges & pre-orders helped us to cover the cost of getting the manufacturing equipment needed to make CLRCASE. We are forever grateful to the record lovers who believed in us early on.


Every case is designed, prototyped, manufactured, and assembled in California under ethical working conditions. We believe in community, and working with local businesses whenever possible.

The only thing we source from outside of California are the installation accessories (to keep costs down). 

We design our cases to be highly functional, while presenting records in an aesthetically pleasing way. The design is minimal, and fits well into most any setting.