Art of Records

About Art of Records

Designed for Vinyl + Made in California. 

Our cases are designed from the ground up for vinyl. What started as a record lover's sketch in a notebook back in 2012, evolved through several prototypes and eventually became the #1 record display case to ever launch on Kickstarter.
Inspired by the artistry of vinyl records and a love of modern design, we aim to merge the two by my making the highest quality vinyl record display case in the world. Our cases give your records a modern museum quality presentation, while also having all of the features essential to a great display case. Our cases are unique and fully patented. We make our cases in small batches here in California under the strictest environmental standards. 
There's a reason why CLRCASE is the trusted by the world's best museums, DJ's, record collectors, audiophiles, and companies around the world. 
Grampa Don F/E
My Grampa Don dedicated his life to pressing records. A lover of Jazz, he played trumpet in the US Army in WWII while our family was locked in an internment camp. After the war he went to work at Columbia records in Hollywood pressing some of the benchmark records of Columbia's golden era of vinyl production. His trade was electro plating the record mothers. When Columbia Hollywood shuttered he went to work at another local pressing plant in East Hollywood, where he finished his 40 year career making records. 
Later in life he would go on to develop Alzheimers. Some would speculate the chemicals he was exposed to during his years pressing vinyl accelerated the condition. My Grandfather loved music, loved vinyl, and dedicated his life to the craft.
Art of Records is a tribute to the memory of my Grandfather, and everyone who is a part of the legacy of making records.
Grampa Don F/E