Art of Records



Art of Records came about in 2012, when I was searching around for a way to display a few records on my wall. As a lifelong record collector, I've collected records all my life. My grandfather pressed vinyl for all of his working life, and I wanted a display case that displayed records for what they are: works of art, music, and craftsmanship.

Disappointed in the cheap frames and other display options, I decided to design a case for my own records. I wanted a case that could display a record or cover, while being easy to open. The frames were obviously designed for photographs, and displayed records like photos. Plus, they were a pain to open. 

I sketched a few things in illustrator and took the sketches to an acrylic fabricator to build what would become the 1st prototype. Several prototypes later, CLRCASE was born.

In 2018 I launched a successful Kickstarter, and we raised some funds to help get it off the ground. We shipped the first batch to 20 different countries and the response was overwhelmingly positive. 

Since then Art of Records has gone on to become a small family business, with CLRCASE leading a charge. The love of records, great design, and quality craftsmanship is at the core of what we do.

Keep on spinning,

CLRCASE is Designed, Manufactured, and Assembled in California.