Art of Records





In a nutshell, I'm a record lover inspired by Grampa Don who pressed vinyl. In the photo above I'm the dude on the left, he's the man on the right. I'm not a crate digger, but I've collected vinyl for almost all my life and love my records.

Back in 2012 I was searching around for a way to display a few records on my wall, and wasn't really digging the frames or other display options. I thought it would be cool to be able to display a record in a case, sort of like works of art in a gallery. Frames are designed for flat pictures, they're not designed for records. I thought if a case were to be designed for records, it should be easy to open and make it easy to display just the vinyl. I began sketching some ideas for a case, and just called the sketches Art of Records.

After literally years of prototyping & re-designing, the case finally started to take shape. When showing the prototype to friends they started asking about how they could buy one, and per a friend's recommendation I decided to launch a Kickstarter to help cover the cost of actually mass producing the cases. 

In 2018 I launched a Kickstarter with the help of Amanda (DJ Slow Shudder / Spinbox) and we raised some funds to help get it off the ground. The cost of production ended up being so much higher than the funds raised, and it literally took almost every dollar I had to make the first batch happen. We shipped the first batch to 20 different countries and the response was overwhelmingly positive. 

Since then Art of Records has had to become more of a business than a passion project, to keep the lights on and the cases a-flowing. But the love of records and belief in what we do is at the heart and soul of Art of Records. We get to work with some incredible people... collectors, shops, labels, DJ's, creatives etc... We're all in some way a part of vinyl, bound by our love of music and records. It's inspiring to be a part of your record collecting journey.

Keep on spinning,

Every Case is Made & Assembled in California