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Installation at Kelly's Office

Installation at Kelly's Office

Earlier this month we had the pleasure of installing a CLRCASE record wall for a longtime friend, mentor, lawyer, label owner, former show promoter, and punk rock record collector Kelly Ryan. 

I met Kelly when I was 16 years old high school student, skateboarding, and listening to punk rock and hip hop records. At the time he was studying to become an attorney, and was a few years removed from a decades long run promoting shows for the likes of the Dead Kennedy's, Subhumans, Souxsie and the Banshees and the list goes on. He's been a huge influence on my life and it was an honor to be able to install the cases in his office.

In Kelly's 40+ years as a record collector he's amassed a heavily curated collection of over 45,000 LP's and 60,000 7"s. He literally has the largest punk rock, garage, indie collection of anyone I've ever met. 

For his record wall, he wanted to do an homage to the legendary garage band The Oh Sees. 

Here's a few photos of the install:


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