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Copy of CLRCASE® Vinyl Record Display Case (Next Pressing Pre-Order)


CLRCASE Vinyl Record Display Case (Next Pressing Pre-Order)
Pre-Order the Next CLRCASE pressing in Satin White & Satin Red (NEW)
Ships in Late October 2020

Our popular flagship LP display case is back and better than ever. We've made a slight improvement on the backing panel material - improving the sturdiness with a beautiful satin finish that is the perfect backdrop for records or record covers. 

"the perfect way to display vinyl."

✓ Museum-Inspired clear outer casing
✓ Modern, minimalist design fits well in any space
✓ Choose to display a record, record jacket, or record + jacket
✓ Fits wide spine gatefold jacket
✓ Easy to open for quick access to a record
✓ Secure reinforced construction (stronger than a frame)
✓ Designed, made, & assembled in California

The world's first display case designed for vinyl records. CLRCASE displays records and record jackets like artwork on your wall, giving your space a touch of vinyl + modern decor. Meticulously designed to fit well in record rooms, living spaces, offices, studios and more. The unique spindle adaptor makes it easy to hang vinyl without damaging the record. The water clear outer cover is easy to open, keeping your records safe and accessible at all times.

1x Installation kit

Patent pending.

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